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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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possible. as we head through the next days, we will keep our eye on the records. only one we think may be in opardy is saturday at reagan national airport, 101 agrees. that is a possibility. will keep you posted. -- 101 degrees. is a possibility. will keep you posted. those who had to go out and he immediately broke into a sweat. we have how people are dealing with high temperatures in silver spring. >> sticket and sweaty. >> the temperature is creeping the triple digits have the d.c. region suffering under the dome. there is bunner run at fans -- run of fans at this hardware store. w shipment is likely to be shelves only a small time. people like trying to save
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money. it when it gets hot, they get fans to move the around. > that is what pepco is urging, e excessive heat watch is going on, don't turn up the air conditioning. >> the air-conditioner has to do more work than on a cooler day. >> this is the same heat wave across the country. >> i don't know, houston and . might have a competition. i was not expecting the humidity. >> this person says nothing compares to sweating for two. >> ridiculous. ane. is ins >> the worst is still to come. washington hospital center has patient in the emergency room with a body temperature of 107 degrees. health officials hope that pay attention and stay indoors. most people can at least
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beat the heat when they go home and escape into the air nditioning, but what about people without air conditioning? holmes is live in northeast with that story. that has to be awful. >> absolutely, and was not hard people without air conditioning in this neighborhood. these old row homes are not well insulated, they heat up quickly, and imagine living in one of conditioning. air- no matter where she goes in her home, it is -- >> it is unbearable. >> the small ceiling fan blows hot air. s no air conditioning the beginningy in ummer she walked into home and found -- >> my window was broken out and house was in disarray. i noticed the dvd player was gone, the air conditioning was
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gone. at her home has been broken into three times this year. has been wiped out and cannot afford to purchase a new air conditioning unit. concern and the blistering heat is her 15-year- old daughter who suffers from asthma. >> it is hard to breathe and here. -- in here. >> as she sits outside of her the temperature climbs near 100, jackie henderson is inking her decision to be environmentally sensitive. >> i thought i would make do with ceiling fans and forgo the conditioning and the air.llation of central that is not working today. >> she said she will find a cooler place to hang out. the woman and her daughter have else to go. they say they are not looking forward to it tonight and the
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as thew days temperatures climb. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> to check the temperatures at or coolingf the day to you can also send us pictures. a major traffic alert in montgomery county. break is causing evening drive. ive on the scene with the latest. >> the latest is it is going to cost tomorrow morning -- it is going to cause problems tomorrow well.g as this is the southbound lane of georgia avenue. than 12 hours after the water main broke, they still have not exposed the pipe. means the traffic nightmare is going to continue. the day long before has been a e for a lot of people. >> it is inconvenient because
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drive up and down. >> it broke right under the avenue.of georgia the temperatures have forced repair crews to seek shelter, but they say he has nothing to do with it. as this neighbor correctly surmised, it is probably just age. >> it is about time for them to pop. >> newschopper 7 had be best vantage point to see the water main break. the water, sand, and gravel made of the neighborhood, and the traffic made its mess -- and that the tort of the traffic made its own mess. >> there was no way to get out. >> the neighborhood streets are ged with drivers around.for a way >> i have never been in this
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neighborhood and i am trying to see the "harry potter" movie on time. >> the workers are out here in the heat, trying to drain water so they can hole get the repairs under way. be donehat has to rebuiilld then road. at georgia avenue, southbound of andolph, will be closed all bably through the morning rush hour. it is a major reversal for the future of the dulles airport metro station. metropolitan airport authority has voted to move that station above ground. reverses the earlier decision in favor of a more tion.y underground sta the move will save about $1 billion. it will have reaction to the vote and were the product goes from here at 6:00. a father is killed in his
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home and now they're looking for son in springfield. calling him a not suspect. they just want to find him. >> the reason they want to is they need to get him -- the reason to want to because they need to get him much needed medication. police are still guarding the family's home. >> it is a real shock. a m. this woman looks out her nt door and it sees the police. it makes them wonder who they are waiting for, outside of this quiet home where a 75-year-old was murdered. >> but they still have not found whoever, you know, did this. we have little kids in this neighborhood. kind of scary. >> about 6:00 last night, gary hanson was found dead inside of his springfield home, shot.
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the police are still looking for missing 1998 green four-door possibly driven by his son, richard, who is also missing. the police consider him in haver because he does not his medication, though they will >> they have always seemed like a friendly family and they have helping each other with a gardening. this came as a complete some shock -- complete shock. >> we have no details yet on what investigators found from the autopsy. we are following develop a news on the debt deal that president obama was set to sit down with representative john boehner just moments ago.
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eficit reduction plan is table, which would cut the deficit by almost $4 trillion. there are major sticking point. we will have the latest at 6:00. nfl players and esentatives are in ashington, working to find a resolution to the lockout. representatives from all teams gather to review a proposed collective bargaining agreement. moments ago, a source revealed that players will not vote on the deal today. just two weeks away from st scheduled contest of ear, the hall of fame game bears.n the rams and the we will have more on if that game is in jeopardy, coming up in sports. a transgendered person ered in d.c., but was it a hate crime? >> big change is coming to the controversy all body scanners. >> the difference is strikingly
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different. >> 7 on your side with why women are more likely to suffer from man.ines than >> if you want a glimpse of " 're going to experience the at theuple days, look country. the
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new developments in the scandal.king the british prime minister, avid cameron, found himself in the hot seat. the prime minister defended his actions. a former news of the world editor was recently arrested, but claims that he knew nothing >> i have an old-fashioned view of innocence until proven guilty. have beenturns out i lied to, that would be a moment for a profound apology. in that event, i will not fall short. >> that editor resigned in january. today, news reports said "news
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the world" deliberately tried thwart the phone hacking investigation. the tsa is installing new software that will eliminate passenger-specific images. the newsstand is designed to nce privacy but maintain security -- the new scan is enhance privacy but maintain security. jay korff is live in the satellite center with more on the national heat wave. >> a large swath of the country with uncomfortable record temperatures, blamed for at least 13 deaths, and those ditions are headed way. the massive heat wave has a stranglehold on the nation. >> i cannot stand it. >> soaring temperatures are
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records in place is winters,nown for their like minnesota, or the heat index hit 134. the chicago heat wave of 1995 killed more than 700 people. >> pay attention to your neighbors. >> buckling concrete is also a problem in sioux falls, s.d. >> we're seeing several areas where the concrete is blowing up. >> the only respite from the heat appears to be staying inside or remaining immersed in water. >> i don't even want to go outside because it is so hot. >> residents in many cities are having to deal with heat-related outages, which means no conditioning. bc 7 news. a
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air-conditioning will be the the day for a while to come. >> 32 states have excessive rning is in effect. that keep mass is headed here, and then it will back off west again. let's start with the weatherbug, temperature reading across the area, riverdale. degrees right now. with the moisture, it feels like 105. anybody have family member or a friend who went to the beach, staying in rehoboth? good call, take a look. during the day, it was not sunny, it was foggy, high of 75. they were wearing jackets on the boardwalk. the latest satellite image it
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the marine layer, moving tlantic. a it hugs the jersey shore all the bay, alls the delaware to ocean city, very cool temperatures. tomorrow, not nearly as hot here, but it will start to warm- up friday and saturday at the beaches. better weather conditions there. excessive heat warning from noon until 8:00 tomorrow and again on friday. we will have the possibility at he heat index reading, the way that it feels outside, close to 115 degrees. saturday, we will still have the air temperatures near 100 degrees. at 94 degrees at reagan national. 101 gaithersburg with the heat like 113 degrees fredericksburg.
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the dew point in the 70's across the mid-atlantic. get in the 70's, with temperatures in the 90's, it is nd humid, andhot a those conditions will spread o our viewing area tomorrow, ay, and saturday as well. feels like 112 degrees in indianapolis, 109 degrees in chicago. the satellite image, even though we have this monster region of ressure in the atmosphere, there are still disturbances trying to ride over that. it is not and possible that we see a thunderstorm today or tomorrow, but the best chance will hold off until sunday afternoon. by then we will be wishing for rain. 83 in the city tonight, 76 and morning, 92 midday. hazy, hot, humid. the next few days, just estimations, a general idea of
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we're thinking, 100 degrees friday, 1002 turday. sa think by next wednesday we would have a nice day of highs only 90 degrees? >> it is like when gas prices dropped a little bit. we have more vip "who wants to be a millionaire" tickets. >> today's winners -- we will announce five more winners tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. tonight in prime-time -- at 10:00, a special prime time "nightline." making healthier foods
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ilable to more americans, but a big announcement to make that happen. >> i will not be able to bear that experience. >> congregation at walter reed emorial chapel is pressing for cle as they try to protect eloved chapel from being torn down. >> they make you feel like you want to throw what, you cannot talk, and you are in pain. ming up, i will explain what
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7 on your side with shocking numbers of about women and igraines. are three times more suffer frommen to these debilitating headaches. >> jennifer donelan it is in the newsroom with more. >> a migraine is a syndrome that can plague the sufferer for long days. as one local woman explains, it he cannot evenat s take the sound of her own voice. >> my own voice, whispering hurts. >> you cannot tell that she is on the verge of another migraine.
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>> i get pain right here, attention back here, and the k of my neck. >> she is one of the 30 million ffer from to su migraines. women suffer from them three times more likely than men. >> what do women have that men don't have? estrogen. if a woman has a high estrogen level and is suddenly drops off, is when the migraine is ur.e likely to occ >> doctors say that happens at the end of eight menstrual cycle. they can also affect your vision, concentration, and speech. >> i have cloudy fission and i together.t words -- i have cloudy vision and i cannot put words together. >> sources close to bachman say
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n say that her headaches are debilitating. this will not affect my to serve as commander in chief. >> when it gets worse, she confines herself to a room hout light or sound. there are triggers. ss is huge. a red wine, chocolate, and aged cheese. doctors say very often, the away with go menopause. -- doctors say that very often, the migraines go away with menopause. a new report says health offernce plans should free contraceptives.
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it is not clear whether the health and human services thertment will accept endations toomm ire insurance companies to contraception. coming up, the controversy over pedicabs is growing. but officials want to do with staples.nal mall >> we don't know if that is a factor. >> a transgender woman was killed in northeast d.c. and the police are investigating if it was a hate crime.
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captioned by the national captioning institute d.c. police are looking into rder of a transgendered person to decide if it was a hate crime. >> the shooting happened this morning in northeast washington, and that is where sam ford has the latest. >> this area is known as one that is frequented by ransgendered prostitutes and their customers, and the police at 4:30 this morning, they eived the report of a shooting. when they arrived, they found the transgendered woman dead.
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family and friends were in grief over the murder of miles mclean, transgendered woman. >> he was a level person with a lot of friends, did not harm anybody. >> the phone call this morning, crazy. >> mclean was in this area known for drugs and prostitution. she reportedly had an ercation on the street and a man shot her in the back. >> prostitution and drugs. t is ridiculous. >> many of her friends were at a help center today. called it a hate crime. >> we respond and then you are killed. >> the police have not said it
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is a hate crime, but -- >> it could be. this involves an individual who is transgendered, so we are investigating all possibilities. >> it needs to stop. the killing needs to stop. >> the suspect in this case remains at large. activists complain this is not the first such crime, and one of many that remains unsolved at oint.p 's family says whoever did this should turn himself in. live from northeast, sam ford, abc 7 news. the summer sizzle continued today and will only get warmer. the d.c. government has decided pool hours tomorrow through sunday and there are cooling centers. emperatures will be moving closer to 100 as the heat continues. a major montgomery county
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thoroughfare will remain closed likely the night and into tomorrow afternoon. the 16-inch water main break shut down georgia avenue. early this morning. drivers who can are asked to avoid the area. a man is dead and his son missing after a shooting in springfield. olice will not call the and suspect. they have labeled him an endangered adult because he has medication. the police at in two northern virginia jurisdictions into theng imes wherees of cr ted by a sexual predator. pennybacker has the story. >> the security bar across the window is an attempt to fend off and asked predator. in a couple cases, he sexually
5:33 pm
assaulted women. he encountered this woman, but ran off when he saw her boyfriend. >> he cut open the screen. >> locks have not prevented the crime. noise of nearby air- conditioning units muffle the bareak-in. >>-- the break-in. >> we believe he is not a novice. >> i have young children, a teenager, and i don't want her affected by the cri >> this weekend, a woman was attacked in her lorton apartment. county police and prince county police are together, but those who live here say the similarities are not likely coincidence. >> if he knows who house to get, if it is reportedly down, -- if
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it is repeatedly done, he may be the same guy. >> the police are discussing the the between they say because they have both happen and that are both very similar, this could lead them to a suspect in the case. gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. a police officer responding ballston commons mall collided with another car glebe road. the police officer was taken to hospital with serious injuries. other driver, a 21-year-old woman, was less seriously injured. a hole opened up near pennsylvania avenue this morning. northbound traffic was diverted for about an hour-and-a-half as the workers patch the hole. the bridge is one of five repairs. for time to check the traffic
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situation. >> it is not too bad, just the typical delays. the pentagon to the 14th street bridge, southbound i-95 slow to lorton, dale city to dumfries. on the beltway, report of an accident near kenilworth avenue, the g.w. parkway to the i-270 r also slow. i-270 to the leesburg pike and gallows, northbound on i-270, from montgomery avenue, easing up around heights town. coming up, the first lady makes an announcement that could health and shopping experience. >> is something that needs to be addressed and is not being talked about enough. >> local teenagers addressing
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one group of district teenagers is finding a way to fight bullying and texting. they're addressing those tough subjects, and that makes them harri's heroes. after an icebreaker, these high hard atstudents are work, participating in the young theater that teaches plea production. these images captured the of their hard work. >> the skit shows that we need awareness. >> it tackles the subject of bullying, which many students these days, including this girl who said she was kid.d as a >> they would tell me i was adopted all the time.
5:40 pm
ot becaused on me a l of color. >> students speak out on subjects they are afraid to discuss. >> and also affect the people are surrounding that person. >> david snyder says it is designed to impress upon value of expressing themselves and working to create something. of each season, it is the adults who are impressed. >> to hear from the students about what is going on in their world and our world, it is amazing. >> the students are getting perform their to play, "out of the shadow," this weekend, and it is the only plate being written and performed by a huge ensemble. big changes for big airlines. why the historic walter reed chapel could soon be torn down.
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walter reed army medical center is closing in september,
5:44 pm
the chapelbers of grounds arehe concerned about its fate. >> gordon peterson has the details. >> the decommissioning service losed the interdenominational of the but members conservation are determined to this beloved structure, citing its historical significance. the bell at the walter reed memorial chapel could be silenced forever. >> it saddens me that are home may be torn down or not used again. >> i wish there was something we could do. >> the chapel is on land set to be property of the state department. of the conservation are the chapel,save s dedicated to men and who died in the service of country. >> everything that is in this chapel, both externally and internally, is a memorial. >> the what the stone chapel
5:45 pm
th its stained glass windows and gothic tower to become part national registrar of historic places. >> i have contacted the pentagon. i, the ladies war of the red cross called for the chapel on the grounds of walter reed, and then got the money to build it. >> president calvin coolidge as the best thing i have ever done, to dedicate this land. >> 80 years, it has served the military community, including patients at the hospital. >> we hate to see the building go away. ongtime members of the congregation say that the chapel would be an enormous loss. >> i will not be able to bear that experience. are praying for a miracle. we contacted the state
5:46 pm
about this and we told at this point, what will happen to that specific of the walter reed campus, the portion that the memorial chapel, is known. 7 on your side with news that could affect your air travel. american airlines plans to place largest commercial aircraft order in history, purchasing 60 jets. $37 billion deal that e split between boeing and airbus. they blame their second quarter on rising fuel costs. delta airlines is cutting costs. they announced their cutting to 24 u.s. cities, not on the east coast. they blamed high fuel costs and an annual loss of $14 billion. we are hours from the end of the final shuttle mission into
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space. tlantis looks good go for tomorrow morning scheduled landing at the kennedy space center in florida. the astronauts will end their 13-day mission at 5:00 in the morning. watch the historic touchdown, bc 7, tomorrow morning. today at the white house, first lady michelle obama initiative to offer healthy eating choices to more communities. food retailers such as wal-mart, walgreens, and super value have ised to open or expand stores throughout the country. to give more fresh food options to urban and rural neighborhoods. it is considered a primary cause of obesity, the lack to fresh food. the popular kids farm the national zoo will stay open. earlier, the zoo had announced close the farm because
5:48 pm
reasons, but now state is donating $1.4 million to keep the kids farm open. it gives children the chance to act with the animals. children from military family spent the day learning like to serve. uso sponsored the one-day boot belvoir and virginia. the children participated in a mock basic training. hey practiced formations, pushups, situps, and even navigated an obstacle course. so learned important lessons. >> no matter how much you try and they push you, there is more. >> today's exercise took place outside, so lots of water. it is just going to get worse? >> the next couple days,
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ecially tomorrow, friday, and saturday, the temperatures of 0 degrees, and the heat index well above that. the official excessive heat from noon until 8:00 friday acrossand area.of the viewing this combination of high temperatures and high humidity. today was actually cool compared be the next few days. 92 and the city right now, 91 manassas, 88 annapolis. it feels like 107 degrees in fredericksburg and 102 degrees downtown washington. to the west, 98 degrees chicago o'hare, 100 degrees on a hot, 96 degrees indianapolis. 112 degree heat index in anapolis. that is the air that is coming e.r tropical storm brett,
5:50 pm
raded. ouple of hours, lots hunderstorms. much further, 5:00 p.m. wednesday, that as tropical perry that may will hit theut it er and that will e end of sindhi. hot and humid the next few days, into saturday also. sunday afternoon, possibility of couple thunderstorms. bit of a cool down next week. at 6:00, the overground/undergrad debate over metrorail debate heads down a different track. airport authority has changed plans. john edwards faces plenty of legal issues. may owe the federal money.ent what is the latest on the nfl lockout? >> the nfl players association
5:51 pm
been debating the new deal refused to vote on it this afternoon because they say there is still work to be done to make it acceptable and what the other players to look at it. the executive committee is eeting as we speak. will meet in atlanta row.r results will tell us volumes when camp will open. the rams and the bears, scheduled to report fraud, that has been delayed. the hall of fame game as up in the air. it will take a majority of the to ratify the new deal. 24 of the 32 owners have to vote for it. we are in the 11th hour, but the nfl players association president says the players will pressured. >> our time line is that which gets us the best deal for our players. today, tomorrow, whenever it may we want to play football and work, but go back to we will not agree to any deal
5:52 pm
unless it is good for us. the red sox beat the orioles today. the nationals tied with the astros, matinee, jason with the walk off single, 3-2 final. mayor vincent gray honored league all-star, resenting d.c. at the little ld series mid-atlantic region. if they play well, maybe we will all get to go to williamsport, the title. team does not give up. >> even when we were down to our last strike, we still believe we could win. i guess it is a lesson learned. >> what a great time it is for these young guys. i was on the prince george's county all stars. got to york, pa., and we were
5:53 pm
eliminated. reat experience. >> maybe the nationals can use their bullpen. coming up, there are a popular mode of transportation. >> but now the mayor is calling for big changes to pedicabs.
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the department of homeland terrory has issued a new alert. they warn that violent obtained inside positions at chemical facilities. that outsiders have attempted to solicit utility employees to carry out attacks. on the store at 6:30 on the world news. the pedicab the industry is in controversy. >> mayor vincent gray is calling for more scrutiny.
5:57 pm
stephen tschida has the story. >> the pedicab industry is growing. hem are concentrated on the mall. tonight, mayor gray says it is get a handle on pedicabs. pedicabs predominately take tourists around the mall. increasing numbers and popularity have led to more scrutiny. now the mayor is stepping in. >> the industry is burgeoning in the city. >> he wants to require regular break checks and provide passengers with seat belts. >> i have seat belts on my pedicab. i think the mayor is proposing a good thing. >> we asked some passengers what think and got a similar response. >> safety. needs to be regulated. >> some drivers say it is being harder to be an operator. last weekend, a group of pedicab vers got into a confrontation
5:58 pm
park police, which led to one driver getting tased. the police say they are cracking behavior that is roblem on the national mall. >> they tell us to leave and stuff. they have threatened to arrest several times. >> the petty gabs congregate in ong the national mall. -- the pedicabs congregate in national mall. the park police say they disrupt the flow of traffic and they're with a growing .roblem stephen tschida, abc 7 news. coming up next at 6:00, the heat is about to get worse. it was keeping busy during this time with mother nature? plus, at the decision on the dulles rail project. a change of course from the airport authority. in thee give-and-take debt showdown. president is willing to buy
5:59 pm
some time, coming up at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute rg--w.ncicap.o our big story at 6:00, the weather is heating up. >> a high temperature today was y 93 degrees at reagan national airport, but it is e to get worse. for many people, it is the heat midwest that is moving east. >> we have team coverage of the heat wave. ve a look at the preparations under way for the temperatures. >> first, doug hill has the on what we can expect. >> we got lucky today because of the cloud cover keeping the temperatures down. tomorrow, higher temperatures and sunshine. the excessive heat warning in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. o
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